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      Metallurgy Industry

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      Petrochemical Industry

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      Power Industry

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      Heat Industry


    About taidy

    Qinhuangdao Taidy Flex-Tech Co., Ltd. is a national high and new technology enterprise which is especially engaged in researching, designing,manufacturing and inspecting metal bellows expansion joint, flexible metal hose, blast furnace tuyere stock, nonmetal expansion joint & precision bellows and pipe support etc. Our products have been widely applied in the fields of national defense industry, petrochemical industry, Iron & Steel industry, coal chemical industry, electric power industry, gas industry, heating ventilation and air conditioning industry, motor and auto industries etc. We are the major supplier of flexible pipe connection for many large national chief projects. One third of our products are exported to overseas. Our customers are located in the U.S., Japan and Europe etc. In 2016, Taidy establishing?corporation?strategic?alliance with Pathway which is the world's leading maker of expansion joints, provides best quality solutions related with flexible connection of pipeline with the world's most advanced technology and a complete industrial chain,especially in high pressure and temperature expansion joint field.


    Contact taidy


      Add: No.5 Yongdinghe Road, QETDZ Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China, 066004

      Fax: +86-355-8586190

      E-mail: info@taidy.com

    • +86-355-8586186

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